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Paul Heyman leaves Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns’ strong reaction to becoming WWE Universal Champion?

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WWE Payback: Roman Reigns Wins Triple Threat Match To Clinch Universal  Championship | Other Sports News
Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has created history in WWE payback. Roman Reigns has now become the new WWE Universal Champion, defeating The Find and Bron Strowman.

Two years later Roman Rance won the WWE Universal Championship. The way this match was made, it is now clear that Roman Rance has taken a heel turn and Paul Heman has also joined him. Did your name. Paul Heyman also expressed his reaction on Twitter after this.

WWE veteran Paul Heyman’s reaction

Read the above tweet carefully, some time ago Paul Hayman used to speak for his client Brock Lassner. Now a few days later, Paul Heman is going to speak in the ring.

This means that Paul Hayman is going to work as an advocate for Roman Reigns. This would have greatly increased Brock Lassner’s concern. Roman Reigns also tweeted after the match.

At SummerSlam, Roman Reigns returned, attacking The Find and Bron Strowman. After this, the match between these three was announced for payback. Roman Rance did not appear at the start of this match.

The Find and Bron Strowman vent their anger on each other. For a long time, The Find gave Suplex to Bron Strowman and the ring was completely torn. Both superstars fell down. After this, Roman Rance entered. Roman beat Bronn in the chair and later pinned him by hitting Spear. Roman Rance has now become the new Universal Champion of WWE.

By the way, it was known at SummerSlam that Roman Reigns would become champion. Now this story line has moved even further. Paul Heyman is now fully covered with Roman Reignse. On the ramp, Paul Heyman also appeared alongside Roman Reigns in celebration. In the same way he welcomed Brock Lassner, he has done it for the Roman Rance too. The tweet suggests that Paul Heyman will now leave Lasnar and be seen alongside Roman Reigns.

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