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WWE Lana And Bobby Lashley Wedding on Monday Night ‘Raw’

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WWE Lana And Bobby Lashley Wedding on Monday Night ‘Raw’ .The WWE Superstar recently played a lead role on television thanks to an ongoing storyline involving Bobby Lashley – an onscreen love affair that began a few months ago when the cast turned on real-life husband Rusev . Every week the soap opera-esque drama unfolded with arrests, divorces, a pregnancy, an engagement and a lot of fighting.

It is needless to say that “PG” boundaries have been pushed and the viewer holds strong opinions about what they are watching, one way or another. Regardless, the segment regularly garnered social media play and tons of YouTube views on Monday nights.

Boones in Arenas are a welcome sound for Lana, real name CJ Perry, for whom fans were first introduced in 2013 as “Fantastic Russians”. The consummate entertainer has since given the accent a lot of dryness, adding layers of her personality. Total Divas is using the alum storyline to further branch on TV, and it all ends with a live Lana-Lashley wedding in the last Raw of 2019.Before the newlyweds, the bride-to-be gives us a taste of what to expect.

You’ve always struggled for more storylines, more character development, more TV time. What has been done to dig up this current arc in the last few months?

Lana: I like when people ask if this is a story because we are talking about my real life. We are talking about love. We are talking about something more than just the plot. I always roll my eyes when I hear, “This story.” You guys have no idea. People think they know, but in reality, no one really knows what is going on.
I can tell you that [the wedding] is going to be the most historic, sensational, most unprecedented wedding in not only WWE history but history books. I’m super excited about it. I feel like we are constantly bringing smiles to people’s faces, and I am enjoying it to the fullest.

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Lana Lashley Wedding Photo

We have seen many WWE weddings in the past. What can we expect from it in terms of presentation?

Lana: First of all, 100 percent would be the most devastating ever. that’s a given. I am excited about my dress. It came from Italy and an Italian designer. I was very involved in making the wedding, especially my dress, cake and everything that went into it.

How does Bobby know this?

Lana:  It’s been a really good time for me to know Bobby for a while. When I could spend some time and spend time with family and living my best life. In living my best life, anything can happen. Bobby Lashley is one of the things that happened. He is so great. he loves me. When someone loves you, it is always unprecedented. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

Your relationship on TV has elicited a polarizing response. How can you navigate the backlash on social media from that certain segment of the audience?

Lana: I have to tell you that it is eye-opening for me what kind of people are in the world and what kind of bullies are there. I can’t tell enough how mind-blowing it is. People shouldn’t have to agree with my decisions in life, that’s fine, but if they don’t agree with me, they don’t have the right to come to my Instagram and call me a prostitute or a slut. I am called a prostitute over there.What are you even talking about, really? That I’m “ugly, fat, the worst person.” Cyber-bullying is incredible. I knew it existed, but I never thought it to this extent. This is factually incorrect. I would consider myself a strong person. I am a very flexible person. I have tough skin It still gets you sometimes.

I took it a step further thinking, “If you are doing this to me, are you doing this to other people?” People from your school or your work? Your children? “When I was in fifth and ninth grade, I was dealing with a lot of emotions. If people are calling me by name, it can really affect you.

Calling you fat, ugly, stupid, dumb. People have asked me to jump off the bridge. This is factually incorrect. You do it for those who are going through their own insecurities, you can have a really negative impact on people. You see people who have harmed themselves, cut themselves, even taken their lives as a result of cyber-bullying.
Do people want to be responsible for this? I just want people to make a stand and say it is wrong. Just because you disagree with someone’s lifestyle does not mean that you should come with them in life or on social media.If you are criticizing, talk to your friends about it, but do not come to my social platform and talk about it. For me, it makes me wonder if these individuals are unhappy with themselves. It has been seen with open eyes. People casting stone. How about taking a look at my life before you judge me?

You have recently signed a contract extension with WWE. With women getting more opportunities in the company, how does this affect your decision?

Lana: I’m so incredibly grateful. I love WWE so much. It has given me so many different platforms of storytelling and entertaining. Form Total Divas to dedicating my matches to being with so many different people from Tamina, Dolph Ziggler, having mixed match challenges, dance battles with Naomi. I feel like I’m living my dream. I wanted to entertain and tell my whole life stories and bring a smile to people’s faces. I want to do that here. I get to tell compelling stories. If people like me or hate me, at the end of the day, I’m still entertaining people.

They may not like it, but they are still talking about me and what I am doing. that’s the whole point. The WWE universe has this love-hate relationship with me. At the end of the day I am feeling something to people, I am connecting with them. If they love it or hate it, at least they are feeling something towards me.That is my goal and why I am in the story-entertainment and entertainment business, it is for them to feel a sentimental feeling. If they are doing this, then I am doing my work.

Lana And Bobby Lashley

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With the coming of the new year, what goals have you set for yourself in 2020? Have you planned to return to the ring?

Lana: This year is [about all] clarity of vision. I am super excited about 2020. Last year, around April or May, I wrote 100 Dreams, Wild Dreams. I then wrote 10 goals that I wanted to achieve in the next 12–18 months.As we are approaching the new year, I cannot emphasize that people have to write down their goals, what they want to achieve and whatever dreams they want to achieve in their lives, . I would say 80 percent of those goals have happened. One of those goals was to live my best life. I was able to go skydiving in Dubai, going to fashion week like New York, Paris and Arab fashion week.

Crazy Thing was returning to TV and Bobby for the season premiere of Monday Night Raw. It was one of my 10 goals to be something on Raw or SmackDown and to impress people and give people something to talk about.
To see this, literally my wildest dreams come true, is mind-blowing. I am very thankful. I am making my goals and dreams for the next year and the sky’s the limit. Yes, I’ll be back in the ring. Anything can happen, it’s WWE. I like being a champion – why not?

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