Top 10 Best WWE Female Wrestlers of the Decade

 The women of WWE are pure dynamite divas, making for crazy storylines   and fights.Here are the best professional female wrestlers of the decade! 

Top 10 Best WWE Female Wrestlers.

WWE Female Wrestlers

The one thing that WWE really carried forward in this decade was Women’s Evolution. She also ended up promoting a PPV program in 2018, using that name and only women on the roster. When the decade began, it was all about the Divyang Championship, but when the stars of NXT started coming in, it changed to female professional wrestlers.

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NXT’s Four Horsewomen were the most prominent names when people talked about the women of WWE over the past decade, but they were not alone. In the last 10 years in WWE a lot of talented women were taking off their shoes. Here is a look at the 10 best WWE female wrestlers of the decade.

This is a list that is not ranked in any particular order, we are just looking at the top 10!



If you only look at the title reign, there was no better WWE female wrestler in the last decade than Charlotte Flair. However, look a bit deeper, and there is a disturbing fact surrounding his title reign. Her 10 main rosters rule the title, five of which lasted less than a month when she lost the title.

Even more disturbing is that their last three SmackDown titles lasted 12 days, less than a day, and four days. Despite his inability to remain a champion, Charlotte is still one of the best ring wrestlers in the women’s division and always puts on an amazing show.


top-10 Best-wwe-female-wrestlers

While some fans disliked him, the truth is that most people in the WWE Universe forced the company to top Becky Lynch. However, he deserves all the credit in the world for being there. While he needed Ronda Rousey to act in the main event at WrestleMania, he still did it and won the match.

Nicknamed The Man, Lynch holds the longest singles title in the history of the Raw Women’s Championship, thanks to her regular (“The Man …”) beating of Charlotte Charley. He also won three SmackDown Women’s Championships through the decade, and when he got a late start, he is the second most successful wrestler from NXT’s Four Horsewomen on the main roster.


top-10 Best-wwe-female-wrestlers

It wasn’t going to be Becky Lynch. It was considered Sasha Banks, one of the best clashes of the decade in the WWE Women’s Division with Charlotte Flair. Sasha and Charlett had a ton of matches for the first time. Sasha and Charlett The two were the first women to fight in a Hell in a Cell. He was the first in Fall’s Count Anywhere match.

Sasha Banks won the Raw women’s title four times from Charlotte, though she held it for no more than 27 days. She won it for the fourth time with Alexa Bliss, but only kept it for eight days. Despite this, Sasha Banks is highly respected and one of the top female stars in WWE.


top-10 Best-wwe-female-wrestlers

Belle had to struggle to make it to the main roster. While the other three members of the NXT’s Four Horsewomen were called together, WWE overtook Bailey. However, there was a reason for this. He needed someone he trusted to carry the NXT Mahila Mandal until he was ready to take over the next generation.

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Belle is considered the greatest NXT champion of all time. However, when she came on the main roster, she became a shroud – a lazy babyface who rarely won. However, she fought and was one-and-a-half of WWE’s first women’s tag team and then swung the heel and became a major SmackDown women’s champion.

 6) PAIGE 

top-10 Best-wwe-female-wrestlers

It was not NXT’s Four Horsewomen that started WWE Women’s Development. It was Paige. She was the NXT Women’s Champion, and then WWE called her to the main roster. On his first night in Monday Night Raw, Paige came out and defeated AJ Lee for the Divas Championship and then surrendered his NXP title.

Sadly, not only Four Horsewomen Overhead Paige, but injuries derailed her career. Peggy has since retired from active competition, but she was the youngest female champion in WWE history and a two-time Divyang Champion on the main roster.


top-10 Best-wwe-female-wrestlers

Beth Phoenix was one of the best WWE female wrestlers in the last decade, and she was still around long enough to be one of the best of this decade. He had it all, the stunning look that WWE fans love in his female superstars, and the strength and talent to look like a legitimate monster.

Phoenix has held the WWE Women’s Championship and WWE Divas Championship three times in her career. Two of those title reigns came in the last decade, but she won her third women’s title in 2010 and then her only Divyang title in 2011. This last title ran for 204 days. Phoenix entered the WWE Hall of Fame 2017.

 4) AJ LEE 

top-10 Best-wwe-female-wrestlers

AJ Lee had a short career that burned brightly and then became young. Lee made her debut on the main roster in 2011 as a women’s tag team wrestler. However, he later began to gain popularity in 2011 when he worked with Daniel Bryan as his girlfriend. This led to a love triangle with Bryan and CM Punk (and even Ken included).

when he won his first world title AJ Lee started working as Dolph Ziggler’s valet for a time,. However, she proved herself more than a sidekick in 2013 when she became a notorious female wrestler and went on to win. By the time she retired, she was a three-time WWE Divas Champion.


top-10 Best-wwe-female-wrestlers

Many WWE fans will never put one of the Bella Twins within the 100-mile radius of the best list of female WWE wrestlers. While it is true that Brie Bella was never very good inside the ring, Nikki Bella proved to be a good professional wrestler, but only when she played a heel.

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Nikki Bella was a perfect heel in WWE and faltered when the company pushed her to be a babyface due to her many-year relationship with John Cena. She won the Divyang Championship twice, and her second reign lasted 301 days, before she lost the title to Charlotte at the start of Women’s Evolution.


top-10 Best-wwe-female-wrestlers

During the latter part of the decade, Alexa Bliss became the best WWE female heel in the company, and no one came close. At only 5-1 and 102 pounds, Bliss did not look like she could beat anyone, but she not only won but played a fantastic match and looked so great.

Believe it or not, Alexa Bliss is a five-time female champion in the WWE between Raw and SmackDown and even once won the WWE Women’s Tag Team title. Her 396 combined day as the Raw Women’s Champion is more than any other female superstar on the roster.


top-10 Best-wwe-female-wrestlers

Natalia is nowhere near as successful as the women mentioned before her on this list. However, Natalya is one of the most respected female WWE wrestlers in the locker room today and a leader for the subsequent wrestlers. Neidhart began his WWE career in 2008 and never looked back.

What is shocking is that he has won only two titles in the past decade, despite standing in the locker room and honors from WWE. In 2010, she defeated Michelle McCullum for the title and held it for nine days. In 2017-18, she won the SmackDown women’s title and held it for 86 days.

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