Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi found corona positive

Former Pakistan cricket team captain. Shahid Afridi covid-19, positive. Shahid Afridi was ill for several days, after which he underwent a corona test. In this test, he has been found to be corona positive.

Shahid Afridi himself has informed about this by tweeting. Shahid Afridi wrote that I was feeling sick since Thursday. My body was in a lot of pain. After this I got corona test and unfortunately I have been found to be corona positive. Your prayers are needed to get well as soon as possible.

After this tweet by Shahid Afridi, many players have wished him a quick recovery. Legendary cricketer Kamran Akmal tweeted that Inshallah you will get well soon. Our prayers are with you.

Fast bowler Sohail Tanvir wrote that I wish you well soon.

Recently, Shahid Afridi gave a statement regarding PM Modi

Recently, Shahid Afridi was in the news for the statement he made about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Shahid Afridi, through his foundation, was continuously helping the people of Pakistan in this difficult time. During this time, he targeted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Earlier, Shahid Afridi had asked Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh to make a video, in which he was appealing to help the Shahid Afridi Foundation. But both of them were severely criticized in India. However, Yuvraj Singh was stating that he had done this only for the sake of humanity. At the same time, both players also strongly criticized Shahid Afridi after this statement.

Harbhajan Singh said that "I thought that Shahid Afridi is our friend, but his behavior is not that of a friend at all. What Afridi said was quite wrong and he has not spoken well for our country. Citizen of the country. Being can not tolerate this behavior at all.They had to talk while staying within their limits. Their mistake is that if they feel that after such behavior we will be in their touch. All the help we have received is now done. However, from now on I promise that I will not have any relationship with them and will not be of any help. "

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