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Randy Orton Net Worth ,Wife ,lifestyle , Achievements

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 Randy Orton Biography 


Randy Orton Net Worth

Randy Orton real name is Randall Keith Orton , his born April 1, 1980 in the United States. He is a professional wrestler and actor. He is currently signed to WWE for $ 2.7 million, with Randy Orton performing on the Raw brand in WWE. Randy Orton net worth is more higher then other super star of wwe. Randy Orton became the youngest world champion in WWE history after winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Benoit at the age of 24.


FULL NAME Randall Keith Orton
Age: 40
Born: April 1 , 1980
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Wrestler/Actor
Last Updated: 2020


 Randy Orton Wife 

Samantha Speno : (2007-2013)

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randy orton ex wife

Samantha Sapno is an American entrepreneur. She is makeup artist and wardrobe stylist and former trainer. She is also known as the ex-wife of WWE superstar Randy Orton.

Birthday:  January 11, 1982

Nationality:  American

Famous:  Coaches Business Women

Age:  38 Years

Sun Sign:  Capricorn

Born In: Missouri

Famous As:  Randy Orton’s Ex-Wife

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Kim Marie Kessler : (2015)


Randy Orton wife

WWE Superstar Randy Orton currently lives with his wife Kim Marie Kessler. They both married in 2015 and the couple have five children, including three sons and two daughters. Kim Marie Kessler was born in New York City, USA (24-July-1984) and she is a socialite. She known as the wife of professional wrestler Randy Orton, who began her career in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She is his second wife after a divorce with former gymnast Samantha Spino.

 Randy Orton Net Worth 

Net Worth: $11 Million

Randy Orton Net Worth

According to a calculation in 2018, Randy Orton had total assets of $ 15.5 million. However, within about a year, Randall Keith Orton total wealth has decreased drastically, according to the report about the current estimated amount of Randy Orton Net Worth $ 11 million in 2020.

 Randy Orton Awards & Achievements 

#1 Slammy award

Randall Keith Orton has yet to win many major slammy awards such as Superstar of the Year or Match of the Year. However he still has plenty of time left to win a major slammy. This is not a huge feat for Slammy, but assuming he was respected through fan voting, it can demonstrate how popular you are in the WWE universe.

#2 King of the Ring

The King of the Ring used to be a highly coveted achievement but has been non-existent in recent years. This year saw a return to the tournament and it could possibly be here to stay. He has never won the King of the Ring tournament, but it looks like it could be a bow again. He can do it very well. Can win from Unfortunately, the tournament’s reputation has been severely diminished anyway, especially since the current king, Bad News Barrett, has been treated poorly.

#3 Pin the boss

Vince McMahon has never been a full-time active wrestler on the WWE roster, but from time to time he has stepped into the feudal cycle with some of the biggest stars. WWE.com recently listed an article John Cena has never completed, and one of them was pinning Vince McMahon. However, Cena is not alone. Despite facing him in the ring, Randy Orton never pinned the boss.This is, of course, not a major achievement though and there is a possibility that Orton will never achieve.

#4 US title

Randy Orton is a twelve-time world champion and has won every active title except the United States Championship. The reputation with Cena brings it back to the US title, and with Orton also likely to transition back to the bottom of the card, we may actually see him win this championship in the not too distant future. With a new rise of new young stars, Orton’s main event days may be limited, so he may find himself fighting for the American title.Winning the United States Championship would help Orton achieve another feat that he has yet to accomplish.

 Randy Orton Lifestyle 




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