Racial comment, red card also found on Brazilian star footballer Neymar in match

Brazilian star footballer Neymar, who played club football for France’s PSG (Paris Saint-German), made racist remarks during a match. After this, when Neymar punched the player of the opposing team against it, he was thrown out by showing the red card.

Brazilian star footballer Neymar went out of the field and complained to the referee that he had seen his punch but did not see the racial comment. On Sunday, PSG’s team was playing their match in the Ligue 1 match against the Olympic de Marseille.

Neymar‘s team was 0–1 behind PSG Marshall in this match, when the situation in both the players of the teams became tense and some players started to fight each other.

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A total of 5 players from both teams were eliminated from the field by showing red cards. Of these, 3 players, including Neymar, belonged to PSG and 2 players to Marshale. PSG suffered a 0–1 defeat in this match.

In the footage of the match, it can be clearly seen that Neymar is hitting Marshalle’s Alvaro Gonzales with his hand on the center half.

When the TV umpire caught the incident, he talked to the match referee and asked Neymar to see the footage. After watching the footage, the referee called Neymar out with a red card show.

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On his way out of the field, Neymar told the referee that you could see the footage but not the racism. Neymar alleged that Gonzales called him a ‘Monkey Sun of B **’ while making racist remarks on him.

15 09 2020 alvaro gonzalez vs neymar 20750570

After the match, the star player tweeted that he regretted only one thing, ‘Why didn’t I hit his face’. However Gonzales has also tweeted that no racial remarks have been made on his behalf.

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