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PUBG Mobile: Easy Ways to Stream Games on YOUTUBE

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Today We Are Talking To About Easy Ways to Stream Games on YOUTUBE Seeing the growing popularity of PUBG MOBILE, youtube streamers of this game are also increasing. Many people are showing their interest towards it.


  • Some Apps that will help you stream PUBG MOBILE to YOUTUBE

  • These apps are easy to use and also provide good quality

How to stream PUBG to YOUTUBE ?

Here are some ways through which you can stream PUBG to YOUTUBE.

1. Streamlabs



Of the available options, this is the best for streaming PUBG on YOUTUBE or twicth. It is a feature-rich application that also gives you the option of using the mic, which is rarely available in other apps. It also has many more features through which you can set the layout and also chat.

2. Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade

                                                                 Omlet Arcade

This is a free application through which you can stream on Youtube Twitch and Facebook from your Android or Apple device. One of its special features is that it has a feature called Stream Delay which is very useful. One bad thing about this APP is that you cannot record in-game audio with earphones. You might not be able to use this on your PC or LAPTOP, although there are other APPS that you can use.

Stream PUBG Mobile on PC or laptop

A better approach is to use Elgato capture cards to stream PUBG to LAPTOP. It is very expensive and not everyone can buy it. Instead of using a capture card, you can also use obs and screencasting. For this, you have to use two splitters – 2 Male to 1 Female and 1 Male to 2 Female. Although it seems a bit difficult, Elgato improves your stream.

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