Night Of Champions: When Kane Defeated His Half-brother Undertaker In Title Match; Watch

At Night of Champions 2010, Kane defeated his half-brother yet long-time rival Undertaker in a No Holds Barred WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. Even though the match might not be considered great in terms of quality, it was powered by a long and entertaining storyline.

The feud established Kane as an incredible heel, who was even ready to destroy his ‘brother’ to keep his precious title to himself. After this PPV, Kane met Undertaker in two more PPVs, where he again came out on top. He kept his title for months before losing it to Edge at WWE TLC 2010.

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Night of Champions 2010: The birth of Kane vs Undertaker feud

The feud between the two half-brothers started almost three months before the Night of Champions 2010 PPV. At an episode of WWE SmackDown, Undertaker was attacked by a mysterious figure, suffering an alleged injury. Upon finding out about the incident, Kane vowed to find the culprit and take Undertaker’s revenge.

At the Money in the Bank PPV, Kane won the Ladder match and cashed in on Rey Mysterio. The Master of 619 then challenged Kane to a rematch but ended up losing at WWE SummerSlam.

Kane claimed that Rey Mysterio was the one who attacked his brother and tried to put him in a casket. However, when he opened the casket, Undertaker appeared from inside it. After seeing his brother, Kane attacked The Undertaker, shocking everyone.

On the next episode, Kane challenged The Undertaker to a match, claiming that he’ll end The Deadman for good. Later, Undertaker accepted the challenge but asked to change the singles match to a No Holds Barred WWE World Heavyweight title match.

Night of Champions 2010: Kane defeated Undertaker

Undertaker attacked Kane before the bell as the Demon was entering the ring. He punished Kane all over the ring before the champion fought back by throwing an announce table at Undertaker. Undertaker performed a Clothesline on Kane and started punishing him outside. He then took his brother to the ring and delivered a Chokeslam, but Kane kicked out. Undertaker then attempted to deliver a Tombstone Piledriver but Kane countered with a Tombstone Piledriver of his own to retain the title.

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