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New schedule of PMPL South Asia 2020 revealed

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New schedule of PMPL South Asia 2020

New schedule of PMPL South Asia 2020

The PMPL South Asia 2020 competition was postponed due to COVID-19 but now PUBG Mobile has released the next date of the competition.


According to the new schedule, the competition will begin on May 22. In that event, there will be a competition between 20 teams from India, Nepal and Bangladesh whose total prize is 200,000 dollars and the winners will get a place in PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL).

PMPL South Asia 2020 date


PMPL South Asia 2020 will begin on 22 May and will end on 14 June. Its opening time will be 6:30 pm according to India. It was announced on the Instagram page of PUBG Mobile India India.

“We are coming back live on May 22! It will be a great action filled journey. Live on YouTube and Facebook channels! Do not miss”

UMExRXN currently tops the PMPL SA 2020 chart with 137 points. Apart from this, SynerGE is currently second with 123 points while TSM-Entity is third with 121 points.

PMPL SA has a prize money of 200,000 dollars. According to the news, the top 3 squads will get a direct place in PMWL 2020 and the remaining two places will get the top two teams of the final stage.

The PMIS 2020 competition will continue with PMPL Sout Asia. Its teaser has come on the YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile.

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