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Lionel Messi wins ‘Ballon d’Or’ record for sixth time

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Lionel Messi wins 'Ballon d'Or'

Lionel Messi wins ‘Ballon d’Or’

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Legendary footballer Leonel Messi of Argentina and Barcelona.Lionel Messi wins ‘Ballon d’Or’ award for a record sixth time. Messi has now become the ‘Ballon d’Or’ award-winning footballer most times. Earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo has won this award 5 times. Lionel Messi has won this award after 4 years. He previously won this prestigious award in 2015.

  • Lionel Messi won this award after 4 years, Cristiano Ronaldo has won this title 5 times.

After winning the award, Messi said that 10 years ago, I won the Ballon d’Or for the first time. I hope that I will continue to do my best for many more years ahead. I know that I am getting old now but these awards will be very memorable for me.

Lionel Messi was presented the award by last year’s winner Luka Modrich of Croatia. Liverpool defender Virgil Forest finished second and Uventus legend Cristiano Ronaldo finished third. Talking about the top 7 players, 4 of them were from Liverpool.

Megan Repino of the United States of America won the ‘Ballon d’Or’ award in women’s football. Megan had earlier won the ‘Golden Ball’ in the Women’s Football World Cup.

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Let me tell you that ‘Ballon de Oor’ is considered to be the biggest football award and it started in 1956. The award is given by the French Football Association. In this, selected journalists from all over the world vote. However after 2007 the coaches and captains of all national teams were also given the right to vote in it. Initially this award was given only to players from Europe but from 1995 it started to include footballers from all over the world.

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