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Kubrat Pulev Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, wife, Bio

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Kubrat Pulev
Kubrat Pulev

What is Kubrat Pulev Net Worth ?

As of 2021 Kubrat Pulev Net Worth is $8 million. Kubrat Venkov Pulev (born 4 May 1981) is a professional boxer from Bulgaria who held the European Heavyweight Champion from 2012 to 2016. An acclaimed boxer, Pulev is one of the best boxers of his time.

The 39 years old who is dubbed the Cobra has fought opponents in the ring 28 times throughout his professional career. Of those 28 fights, the Cobra has been crowned victor 27 times and defeated just once. His viciousness in the ring is evidenced in his fight records as he has won by knockout on 14 different occasions.

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Kubrat Pulev – Quick Facts

Celebrity Name:Kubrat Pulev
Rеаl Nаmе/Full Nаmе:Kubrat Venkov Pulev
Date of Birth:4 May 1981 (Kubrat Pulev age 39 years)
Place of Birth:Sofia, Bulgaria
Nationality: Bulgarian
Height:6ft 4in (194cm)
Weight:116 kg
Marital Status:Single
Reach:80 in (202 cm)
Kubrat Pulev Net Worth:$8 million
Boxing Career:2005–present
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Last Updated:2021

Kubrat Pulev – Early Life

A KNOCKOUT interview with Kubrat Pulev! – BWTalkingSport

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 4, 1981, Pulev had his eyes set on boxing not just because he was engrossed by the sport, but because his father was a professional boxer. Pulev’s father, Venko Pulev, introduced Pulev and his brother, Tervel to the sport while they were young.

Kubrat Pulev Amateur Career Profile

Kubrat Pulev amateur career began in his birth country, Bulgaria. He began receiving attention in February 2002, after he claimed the heavyweight Strandzha Cup. Pulev attempted to repeat his victory over Odlanier Solís who he defeated to win the Strandzha Cup in the semifinal of the Chemiepokal Cup but failed. After failing to make it to the Euros in 2002, he went on to fight at the World Championships the next year but lost again to Odlanier Solís. 

Ahead of the 2004 Olympics, Pulev who had already begun to create a name for himself won the qualifying matches but did not participate in the Olympics because the 16 slots allocated to heavyweight boxers in the Olympics were all occupied. 

Pulev continued in remarkable form, participating in the super heavyweight division of the Strandja Cup in 2005. To test his abilities against other amateur boxers, Pulev participated in the 2005 World Amateur Boxing Championship where he won bronze. Following his Olympics disappointment, Pulev went on to claim bronze at the European Championships. 

In 2007, he eventually won the Chemiepokal tournament after repeated trials. Following a bad performance at the World Amateur Boxing Championships in 2007, Pulev went on to win the Strandja Cup, qualifying for the 2008 Olympics and winning the European Championship.

Kubrat Pulev Professional Career Profile

Boxing Record & Stats

  • Total fights: 29
  • Wins: 28
  • Wins by KO: 14
  • Losses: 1

Pulev who was then 28 years old, turned Professional in September 2009. In his first year as a professional boxer, Pulev fought 4 times, winning all of his fights. 

In March 2012, it was announced that Pulev will fight against Alexander Dimitrenko for the EBU European Heavyweight Championship title which was then vacant. Although Pulev’s weight was lesser than Alexander Dimitrenko’s by 12 pounds, Pulev defeated Alexander Dimitrenko after dashing out punches which affected Alexander Dimitrenko. In the 11th round, Pulev launched a punch which dropped Alexander to his knee and thus earned, Pulev his professional knockout (KO) win. 

After his fight against Alexander in May, it was announced that Pulev will defend his title against, Alexander Ustinov in September 2012. Alexander Ustinov remained unbeaten before the match, but at the end, Pulev managed to get the best of his opponent. 11 months after his title defence, Pulev faced Tony Thompson in Germany in August 2013. After fighting for the required 12 rounds, Pulev was declared the victor. 

In October 2013, it was declared that Pulev will defend his title against Dereck Chisora, who was a mandatory Challenger for the title. The fight didn’t go down as Pulev vacated his title, which meant that Dereck Chisora will assume the holder as the European and IBF International heavyweight titles. After vacating his title and ahead of a highly anticipated fight against Klitschko, Pulev fought with American boxer Joey Abell. In round 4 of the match, Pulev dropped his opponent from body shots punches. 

In March 2014, a fight between Pulev and Elijah McCall, an American boxer was scheduled to hold. But Elijah McCall decided not to fight against Pulev a day to the fight. McCall was replaced by another American boxer, Joey Dawejko who also pulled out of the fight with Pulev. Pulev eventually fought against Ivica Perkovic and after three rounds, was declared the winner. 

Kubrat Pulev fight

Pulev’s fight against Wladimir Klitschko was set to take place in September 2014, but after Klitschko was injured in his biceps, the fight was postponed by two months. In November 2014, the highly anticipated fight against Klitschko took place. Pulev was knocked out by Klitschko in round 5, thus losing the bout. The fight which was aired by HBO was watched by 10.5 million in Germany and attracted 1.5 million viewers in Bulgaria, which made it the most-watched sports events on the country’s TV since 2007. 

In February 2015, Pulev signed a contract extension with Team Sauerland. He also took an 11-month break from action following his defeat by Klitschko. In October 2015, he fought George Arias who he defeated. He went on to fight against Maurice Harris, who Pulev knocked out in just 100 seconds. Pulev fought Dereck Chisora for the vacant European heavyweight title in March 2016. After two of the judges ruled in favour of Pulev, he was declared the winner and assumed the European heavyweight Champion. 

His next fight was in November, against Samuel Peter a former Heavyweight Champion. The fight lasted for just three rounds, after which, Samuel Peter was compelled to retire following a shoulder injury. 

In April 2017 after defeating Kevin Johnson, Pulev held on to his WBA Inter-Continental heavyweight title. After the arrangement was made for a fight between Anthony Joshua and Pulev, with over 70,000 tickets sold, Pulev had to pull out of the fight, to the disappointment of fans, after he got a shoulder injury while sparring. 

After Dominic Breazeale turned down the fight between him and Pulev, the IBF scheduled a fight between Dillian Whyte and Pulev. After terms were set for the fight, Dillian Whyte pulled out of the fight in June 2018. The next ranked challenger to fight Pulev was an American boxer, Jarrell Miller. Talks of a fight between both boxer parties ended in July with no agreement in place. 

Pulev then went on to fight against Hughie Fury in Sofia, in October 2018. Pulev defeated Fury after a unanimous decision was made. In December 2018, Pulev signed a contract set for several years with Top Rank. 

In March 2019, California State Athletic Commission suspended Pulev’s license after he kissed a female reporter, Jennifer Ravalo, forcibly on the lips during an interview. The incident which was widely reported as Kissgate occurred in Costa Messa, California after he defeated Bogdan Dinu. His license was reinstated after he completed a Sexual harassment prevention class in July 2019.

Kubrat Pulev Net Worth & Endorsements Deal

Pulev has promotional deals with brands such as Top rank. His net worth is currently valued at $8 million.

Kubrat Pulev Personal Life and Trivia

Kubrat Pulev's popstar girlfriend Andrea, who defended him for kissing  journalist, set to be ringside for Joshua fight – The US Sun
Kubrat Pulev with his girlfriend Andrea in 2019. (Photo credit: The Sun)

Pulev is currently not married. However, since 2006, he has been in a romantic relationship with Teodora Rumenova Andreeva, popularly known by her stage name as Andrea, a Bulgarian singer. 

Pulev is a Christian and a member of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. 

His brother, Tervel, is also a professional boxer. The duo is referred to as Medieval Bulgarian Rulers. 

Though he has been given huge financial offers for him to switch allegiance to Germany, Pulev has declined. 

Social Media Reach

Instagram– 156k followers

Twitter– 9561 followers

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