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Is LeBron James Playing Tonight? Lakers Star’s Load Management Update Ahead Of Game 4

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Is LeBron James Playing Tonight? Lakers Star's Load Management Update Ahead Of Game 4

The Los Angeles Lakers are all set to face the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Semifinals in Game 4. Having lost the first game,

LeBron James and Anthony Davis led the Lakers to two straight victories, establishing a 2-1 lead. James, who scored 36 points in Game 3, has dominated the NBA playoffs, determined to lead the Lakers to their 17th franchise title. 

Is LeBron James playing tonight? NBA star’s status for Lakers vs Rockets Game 4 

As of now, James is listed as available for the upcoming Lakers vs Rockets Game 4. The last time James sat out a game was before the playoffs, during the scrimmages and seeding games.

Coincidentally, the last game James missed was their regular-season game on August 6 (August 7 IST) against the Houston Rockets. While the Lakers have sometimes rested James, they are unlikely to do so for the Western Conference Semifinals.

James recently surpassed Ray Allen on the all-time playoffs three-pointers list and is now the all-time leader for the most number of playoff wins. 

The Lakers will look to extend their lead to 3-1, trying to eliminate the Rockets before they force a Game 7. While the Lakers have not performed consistently on the defensive end, they have managed to step up their game.

The Rockets have relied on their offensive dominance but the Lakers have defended and provided clutch blocks during the final period of the last two games. “That’s what we hang our hats on,” James said after blocking four shots during Game 3.

The Rockets, who came back from a 21-point deficit in Game 2, still have the ability to equal the series should Russell Westbrook come to life in this game. Lakers vs Rockets Game 4 is scheduled for Thursday, 7:00 pm EST (Friday, 4:30 am IST). 

LeBron James fitness: LeBron James wife unhappy with pregame routine at NBA bubble

During a recent interview, the three-time NBA champion revealed how his wife Savannah is unhappy with his pregame routine. He stated that while he won’t go into details as it would give his rivals a lot of his ingredients, he can say that his wife is “not enjoying” what he does.

“Let’s just say that. I spent a lot of time, a lot of time on my body,” James added. The four-time NBA MVP is known for his intense fitness regime and spends multiple hours daily to maintain a certain fitness level.

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