Dwayne Bravo also made an important statement against apartheid

West Indies player Dwayne Bravo has also joined the ongoing movement against apartheid. Dwayne Bravo said that we need equality and respect.

Dwayne Bravo said that enough, now black people should demand equality and respect. Dwayne Bravo has vocally voiced the melody of Darren Sammy and Chris Gayle.

Dwayne Bravo on an Instagram live said that what is happening in the world at the moment is sad.

Being a black person, I know the history of what has happened to black people. We never ask for revenge, we want respect and equality.

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Dwayne Bravo said the important thing

Dwayne Bravo said that this has happened to us all the time. Enough now, we want equality and respect. We do not talk about revenge war.

We give respect to others so why does this happen to us. We praise the work of people sharing love and that’s important. All we need is respect.

Dwayne Bravo
Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo, who played 40 Tests, 164 ODIs and 71 T20s for the West Indies, cited the example of Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and said that the world should know that we are beautiful and powerful.

Recently, Darren Sammy of the West Indies said that he was called by racial name in the IPL.

He said that in India I was called Kalu. However, people showed their old tweets to Sammy on Twitter in which he was calling himself Dark and Kalu.

An Instagram post by Ishant Sharma went viral in which Sammy was called Kalu.

It was a fun talk that Sammy made an issue after six years. There was never any talk of discrimination on the basis of racism or religiousness in the Indian team.

Darren Sammy urged the ICC and world cricket to raise their voices against apartheid.

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