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Death of Italian Olympic finalist Donato Sabia

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Corona’s havoc / Death of Italian Olympic finalist Donato Sabia, also his father’s death; 6 sports veterans lost their lives in two weeks

Donato Sabia

  • Runner-up Donato Sabia finished 5th at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and 7th at the 1988 Sol Olympics.
  • According to the Olympic Committee of Italy, the world’s first Olympic finalist to die from Sabia Corona

In two weeks, 6 big players of the world have lost their lives due to Coronavirus (covid-19), which has engulfed the world. Italy’s Olympic Committee (IOC) said on Wednesday that runner-up Donato Sabia (56) died of Corona. He has twice been an Olympic finalist in the 800 meters category. A few days ago his father also died due to corona. Italian Sabia is the sixth stalwart of the sporting world to lose his life due to covid-19.

Runner-up Donato Sabia finished 5th at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and 7th at the 1988 Sol Olympics. He won the gold medal at the 1984 European Indoor Championships in the 800 meters. According to the IOC, Sabia is the first Olympic finalist in the world to have died from Corona.

 88 Thousand People Died In The World Due To Corona 

As of Thursday morning, 88,000 people have died of coronavirus worldwide. 15 lakh 17 thousand are infected, while more than three lakh 30 thousand people have been cured. The number of corona infects in Italy has crossed 1 lakh 39 thousand. The death toll in these has reached 17 thousand 669. The total number of infected people in India has exceeded 5 thousand. Of these, 472 patients have recovered, while 200 have died.

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On Wednesday, Swiss ice hockey legend Roger Shapo passed away. He was 79 years old. Shapo, who played the 1964 Winter Olympics, has played more than 100 matches for his country. by this First Bernard Gonzalez (60), doctor of France’s football club Reims, David Hodgkis (71), president of Lancashire Cricket Club, England, former of France’s Olympic de Marshal Football Club President Pep Dioff (68) and Pakistan’s squash legend Azam Khan (95) have also said goodbye to the world.

 Bernard Suicide Due To Depression 

Bernard Gonzalez, a doctor at the Reims Club, was in depression after being infected with Corona. After this, he had committed suicide on 5 April. Bernard also left a suicide note, in which he wrote that he was infected with corona. Bernard was associated with the club for 20 years.

Bernard Gonzalez

David Hodgkiss and Pep Dioff of France died on 31 March due to Kovid-19. Earlier on March 28, Pakistani squash legend Azam Khan died. Azam had won the British Open title 4 times consecutively between 1959 and 1962. Azam was counted among the best squash players in the world. He also won the US Open for the first time in 1962, the most important hardball tournament.


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