Damon Salvatore Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder

Damon Salvatore is one of the most heard character names in the series, Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith. The character was portrayed by the actor, Ian Somerhalder.

He is one of the lead actors of the series along with his younger brother Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and girlfriend, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev).

Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore

This series is the story between the life of vampires and the love triangle between Damon, Elena, and Stefan.

Well, without more revealing, let us jump into the depth of Damon Salvatore and his role in the Vampire Diaries with some quick facts.

Quick Facts: Damon Salvatore

Celebrated NameDamon Salvatore
First Appearance“Pilot” September 10, 2009
Last Apperarance“I Was Feeling Epic” March 10, 2017
Created ByL.J. Smith
PortrayedIan Somerhalder
FamilyGiuseppe Salvatore(Father) and Lillian Salvatore(Mother)
BrotherStephan Salvatore
SpouseElena Gilbert
Children4 Children

Casting of Damon Salvatore

After several interviews and selections for the cast Damon Salvatore, finally, after the appearance of Ian Somerhalder, the search was over. He was the perfect match for the role with his dashing personality and killer looks.

Somerhalder was named as the cast of Vampire Diaries at the end of March 2009 before six months of the premier.

Lead Cast of Vampire Diaries
Lead Cast of Vampire Diaries

Well, the requirement for the role of Damon Salvatore was, the age between early-to-mid-twenties, handsome, strong, and charming actor who can change his good looks to evil.

Luckily, Ian Somerhalder was the perfect selection that changed his life as an actor.

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Vampire Diaries Background

The story of Damon Salvatore began after he was turned into a vampire by Katherine Pierce 145 years ago as per the series. He is the son of Giuseppe Salvatore and Lily Salvatore.

Stefan Salvatore is his younger brother. The nature of Damon over the series is a cruel vampire who enjoys killing and feeding on humans.

Vampire Diaries Season(1-8)

Damon appears on season one of vampire diaries as a bad vampire and villainous older brother who came to ruin the good and stable life of his younger brother, Stefan Salvatore.

In the first season, he turns Vicki Donovan into a vampire and erases the memory of Jeremy Gilbert to remove his suffering. Came to destroy the lives and town, but he found himself wanting to protect the town at the end of the season.

In season two, Demon snaps the neck of Jeremy Gilbert with anger and pain after knowing that both Elena and Katherine love Stefan. Luckily Jeremy comes back to life with his supernatural ring.

Damon and Stefan encounter several other vampires that are far stronger than them. Damon even turns Elena to retain their love story forever.

Damon Salvatore Relationship with Cast Members

After Damon returns to Mystic Falls his birth town, although being a loner bad vampire, he builds up good relations with humans such as his best buddy, Alaric Saltzman, and the town’s sheriff, Elizabeth Forbes.

As Elena Gilbert is the doppelganger of Katherine Pierce, the love of Damon Salvatore, he falls in love with Elena and puts her safety before anyone else.

Stefan Salvatore

The brotherhood between Damon and Stefan is shown in a different way as initially, Damon came to Mystic Falls to ruin the life of his little brother.

But whenever any trouble arises on Stefan, Damon had his back every single time. However, the feud between the brothers began after both of them were turned by Katherine Pierce.

Damon blames Stefan who convinced him to feed upon humans to transform into vampires.

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Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert is the doppelganger of Katherine Pierce who was the love of Damon Salvatore 145 years ago. After losing Katherine for over a century, Damon finds Elena and falls in love with her.

Damon tries to get closer to Elena and expresses his love towards her. Although Elena was the girlfriend of his brother Stefan, he still grows feelings for Elena.

Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert
Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert

Finally, Elena realizes the strong feeling and desire of Damon over her and leaves Stefan. The love between Damon and Elena gets stronger on every episode making them untouchable and unbreakable.

Damon goes over every boundary to save Elena with stays the same until the end of the season.

Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett, the Bennett witch initially becomes the most fierce enemy of Damon who could magically hurt vampires. Multiple times this character crosses path with other in the sake of Elena.

Because of their love for Elena, both had to work together as a team even though they hated each other. Well, their relationship got improved after Damon helped Bonnie to bring back from the dead.

Also in one of the seasons where Elena remained dead, the relation between Bonnie and Damon gets real. They began to attract each other and love each other.

However, the true love of Damon was Elena who gets back to her after she wakes up from the dead.

Alaric Saltzman

Alaric Saltzman is one of the humble and good characters of the series who becomes the best buddy of Damon. Together they were the unbeatable team to secure the town and kill bad vampires.

Saltzman becomes a vampire hunter who later turns into a vampire itself but chooses to die instead of becoming a vampire. Damon misses his drinking buddy and frequently visits his grave with alcohol.

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