Cricket returns to West Indies, Vinci Premier T10 League held from 22 May

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Cricket is set to return to the West Indies from 22 May. Cricket is currently banned in the world due to Covid 19, but with the Vinci Premier T10 League (VPL), cricket is returning to the West Indies with key players.

The tournament will be held from 22 to 31 May at the Arnos Well in the Caribbean country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


  • Cricket is making a comeback with the T10 League in the West Indies
  • West Indies international cricketers will also participate in the tournament

The Vinci Premier League will also be the first tournament in which players will not be allowed to spit on top of the ball. Apart from this, spectators will also be allowed to come to the tournament, because the government of St.

Vincent and the Grenadines has not banned any. Although cricket tournaments have taken place in Wanatu and Chinese Taipei amid the outbreak of Coronavirus, the Vinci Premier T10 League is the first tournament with players from the ICC’s full member country (West Indies).

Three international marquee players from west indies

Vinci will take part in 6 teams in the Premier 10 League and a total of 30 matches will be played. There will be three bouts every day and it will be telecast live. On 11 May, 6 teams selected 72 players through the draft, including 6 marquee players and 3 of them were West Indies internationals.

The 6 teams include the Botanic Gardens Rangers, Grenadines Divers, Salt Pond Breakers, La Sufrière Hikers, Dark View Explorers, and Fort Charlet Strikers.

Botanic Gardens Rangers side Teindies leading bowler Kesrick Williams, Grenadines divers from Obed McCoy, Salt Pond Breakers from Sunil Ambris, La Sufair Hikers from Desaron Maloney, Dark View Explorers from Lyndon Has gone. Keron Kotoy has been included as a marquee player from the strikers.

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