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Coronavirus Ligue 1 ended too soon, says Monaco’s Fabregas

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Coronavirus Ligue 1 ended too soon

Monaco’s Cesc Fabregas

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Monaco star Cesc Fabregas feels that the 2019-20 season Coronavirus Ligue 1 ended too soon, says Monaco’s Fabregas

Paris Saint-Germain were declared champions and after the season was removed to Amiens and Toulouse last month, most teams still have 10 games left.

As the Bundesliga prepares to resume May 16 and the Premier League, Serie A and LaLiga try to resume, Fabregas believes the Late Day Football Professionals (LFP) before the season is over Could be awaited.

“It was a big decision that was made and I can understand why they took it,” Spanish midfielder Fabregas told beIN SPORTS. 

“But maybe it was taken a little too soon, considering a lot of the big league are still all trying to resume. 

“However I fully understand the meaning behind it and it is better to be safe in all accounts, because the most important is the health protection of the family and all and it supports 100 percent.

“But maybe we can consider personal training, where you basically have no risk. You’re not touching anybody, you’re not close to anybody. See if everyone’s played all over the world Wale was getting closer to football.


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“Obviously, it’s very difficult and I understand that somebody needs to make a decision. We just have to do what they’re telling us. Difficult moments in our professional lives and personal lives, but we just have to hold on and everything. will get well.” Make sure for the future. “

Monaco were ninth and nine points outside of the European qualification places when the season was called off.

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