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PUBG Mobile Andy Character: Release date, price and abilities

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PUBG Mobile Andy Character, Image via Avi Gaming

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PUBG Mobile Andy Character Release date :

PUBG Mobile Andy Character was in rumours for quite a while and all the players were eagerly waiting for the character.

And, now it seems that the new Andy Character will arrive in the game soon, which will feature its unique abilities, a different voice, outfits and much more.

According to recent leaks surfaced on the internet, we’ve got the release date of Andy character along with some other features.

Moreover, the cost of the character has also been leaked which will be revealed later in this article.

So let’s take a quick look at the complete details of PUBG Mobile Andy Character.

Andy Character – Introduction & Release Date

Andy Character


Andy is a magician and puppeteer, and his career ended due to an accident. To get his revenge, he taught himself to become a master of guns in a short period and tested his skills in combat.

Release Date

According to the leaks, the Andy Character will release in PUBG Mobile on June 2. 

On the same date, some exclusive events will be also introduced in the game through which players can grab character vouchers.

Like other characters, Andy can be purchased in the game for 1200 character vouchers which can be grabbed from the various events of PUBG Mobile.

Upon completing missions in these events, a specific amount of vouchers will be credit into the player’s account.

Furthermore, these vouchers can be also obtained from the store by spending UC cash.

PUBG Mobile Andy Character – Abilities and Features


The Andy character can be upgraded up to 10 levels and on each level, players can unlock its new abilities.

For instance, if the players upgrade the character to level 2, the speed of drawing and putting guns will increase by 10%.

Players can increase the speed of this ability up to 16% when they upgrade it to level 9.

Besides the abilities, various other features have been also added at different levels. This list includes unique emotes, MVP emotes and voice commands.

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