4 Such Incidents of Cricket when Cricketers Claimed to see Ghosts

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Today We Are Talking To About 4 Such Incidents of Cricket when Cricketers Claimed to see Ghosts.Have you ever been alone at night? Have you ever felt that someone is following you but when you look there is no one there. After this, you start walking faster because you feel that someone is definitely behind you.

We have all faced these things at one time or another. You sometimes get up unnecessarily at night and you feel that there is someone in your room. It also happens that water starts running in your bathroom automatically while only you go in that bathroom.

These things leave such an impact on the mind that it is very difficult to forget them. These things can happen anywhere and with anyone and cricket has not remained untouched by them.

# 1 Haris Sohail

While Pakistan’s ODI team in 2015 was disappointing cricket fans with their performance, Haris Sohail had a different reason for being upset. When Sohail was sleeping peacefully in Christchurch’s hotel, his bed started shaking for no reason.

The sooner Shahid Afridi puts anything upside down, Haris called the team’s manager Naveed Chiwa sooner than that. When Chivas came to see him, he saw that Sohail was in a shock due to that incident. Sohail was convinced that there was an invisible force in the room that was bothering him. He was upset with these things for the last few days.

Although no one can say what really happened, but since then Haris Sohail must have slept every night by remembering the one above.

# 2 England Cricket Team

Spirits were wandering in London’s Langham Hotel and the peace of those living there was disturbed. Some of these people were also cricketers from England. Stuart Broad said, “One night I woke up at around 1.30 and I’m pretty sure there was someone in the room.” He also told how the water in the bathroom was automatically turning on and then closing. He could not understand anything at that time.

Apart from this, Alastair Cook and Ben Stokes also spent many nights in that hotel. Due to this influence of spirits, the wives of several England cricketers, including Moin Ali’s wife, refused to stay in the hotel.

This 150 year old hotel has at least 7 souls who roam around in the night. This hotel is not called the most dreaded hotel in England.

# 3 Shane Watson

This is a strange story. In this story, Shane Watson himself says that he has seen something and then the next moment he says that it might be his behavior.

Australian players were upset after hearing Lily’s story at Lumley Castle. Lily is said to have thrown her into a well by two priests because she did not want to become Catholic. At that time, her husband was fighting in the war. This incident dates back to the 14th century and since then it is said that his soul wanders from the well into the Castle corridor daily.

It is believed that Shane Watson left his room and slept on the ground in Brett Lee’s room and there was no problem. He was then given a room number 46. Now the funny thing is that number 46 was tortured before killing Lily in the room.

Separate sources say that the Australian player had got a room number 46 from the beginning where he had seen Lily’s soul near her bed and which made her spirit tremble. He then ran away from the room and after stopping in the reception area, went to sleep in his partner’s room as no other room was empty.

No one knows what exactly happened and Watson himself is completely surprised about this thing. But this incident was definitely one of the most frightening incidents of cricket.

# 4 Firuz Shah Kotla’s Genie

Feroz Shah Kotla Genie

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Everyone knows that Ferozeshah Kotla is one of the few major stadiums in India and many matches have been played here. India has won many memorable matches here, but not many people know that there are remnants of the fort of Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq near this historic stadium. There are rumors that some invisible powers have been felt around this stadium. Even people ask for a ransom from them.

These invisible powers, called the genie of Kotla, are believed to be quite common in Delhi. It is also believed that these jinn have a different world. People go to them, pray and write their problems on a paper. A copy of those letters is also kept so that they reach the right genie.

This practice started from 1970 when a faqir laddu shah came to live in those remains. Since then, every Thursday people come here and tell their problems to the jinn and if the things of the people are to be believed, then these jinn also help them.

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